Best Backpack Leaf Blowers By 550 Experts And Customers

Tired of repairing your backpack leaf blower? We have selected models recommended by over 550 people. Check top-ranked reliable, powerful, well-designed blowers.

Any modern person would like to be able to use quality products and not waste a lot of time searching and selecting them. Therefore, many homeowners rely on their experience and acquire equipment from familiar, trusted brands.

However, this strategy is not always successful. Even if you have all your home and garden equipment from the same manufacturer, it doesn’t mean that they produce a reliable backpack leaf blower. Or if you bought a leaf blower from a specific manufacturer 5-7-12 years ago, satisfied with its product, and purchased a new model, this does not guarantee that the new backpack leaf blower will be comfortable enough, powerful and durable.

Unfortunately, you still need to spend a lot of time searching, testing and selecting a high-quality and most suitable model for you.

Fortunately, we have done this work for you and we are ready to provide the results of large-scale research for free.

4 best backpack leaf blowers comparison

Husqvarna 965877502 350BT
Winner in categories:
“Powerful leaf blower”
“Well-designed leaf blower"

Sound and Noise: 94-104 dB;
Air Flow Capacity: 692.17 Cubic Feet Per Minute;
Engine Type: 2-Cycle;
Power Source: Gas Powered;
Vibration: 2.2 m/s²;
Surface Area: Mid-Grade 1/4 — 1 Acre;
Features: Integrated harness, cruise control, ergonomic handle, X-Torq engine;
Price: $
Echo PB-580T
Winner in the category:
“Intuitive, easy launch and control”

Sound and Noise: 70 dB;
Air Flow Capacity: 510 Cubic Feet Per Minute;
Engine Type: 2-Cycle;
Power Source: Gas-Powered;
Vibration: 2.0-3.1 m/s²;
Surface Area: Mid-Grade 1/4 — 1 Acre;
Features: Adjustable speed, anti-vibration, translucent fuel tank;
Price: $
Makita EB7660TH
Winner in the category:
“Reliable and powerful leaf blower”

Sound and Noise: 76 dB;
Air Flow Capacity: 706 Cubic Feet Per Minute;
Engine Type: 4-stroke;
Power Source: Gas-Powered;
Vibration: 2.3 m/s²;
Surface Area: Semi-Pro — over 1 Acre;
Features: anti-vibration mounts, adjustable tube;
Price: $$$
Makita EB5300TH
Winner in categories:
“Low noise and vibration”
“Quick & Easy-start”

Sound and Noise: 70 dB;
Air Flow Capacity: 516 Cubic Feet Per Minute;
Engine Type: 4-stroke;
Power Source: Gas-Powered, Unleaded gas;
Vibration: 2.2 m/s²;
Surface Area: Semi-Pro — over 1 Acre;
Features: anti-vibration mounts, adjustable tube;
Price: $$

Who did this review?

More than 550 people participated in the selection of the best backpack leaf blowers.

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011


Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011


Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011


Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011


In the beginning, we talked with experts from service centers for the maintenance and repair of equipment. They shared their practical experience and valuable information about which models are more often repaired and with which defects, and which models are more reliable and will last you longer.

Then we consulted with the best American backpack leaf blower manufacturers to understand which companies can be trusted, which companies are creating the products that are better designed and manufactured. We also detected low-quality, fragile backpack leaf blowers (for example, some items from China).

Also, the analytical department of our company conducted market research and collected up-to-date information on more than 80 popular and current models

After tests and interviews with real customers, we have selected the best models that are collected in this review.

This review is not sponsored by any manufacturer or seller, we honestly write that for the price of one 4-stroke Makita you will buy two Husqvarna, but we also always provide real data on their performance, power, and other key parameters (read a detailed comparison of all models below).

This article has been created so that you can choose the most suitable backpack leaf blower for your needs.

How to choose the best backpack leaf blower?

In addition to testing models and consulting with experts, we interviewed more than 520 customers to learn more about their practical experience with these backpack leaf blowers. As a result, we have prepared for you a list of top criteria that are important to the customer.

So, for example, when choosing a model, you should pay attention not to the weight of the device (they are all quite heavy, about 23 lbs), but to the uniformity of weight distribution, functionality of the design. Belts and fasteners must be strong, the model must be designed so that it is comfortable for you to operate it and wear it around the yard for at least 1-2 hours.

So, experienced customers highlight the following top 5 criteria that are important when choosing a backpack leaf blower.

  • Power
  • Starts from the 1-2 attempt
  • Intuitive, easy launch and control
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Thoughtful, functional design

Since this type of leaf blowers is often used for industrial purposes (not only in private households), the most expected quality is higher power compared to compact (handheld) and electric leaf blowers.

Logically, such a powerful device should have a well-thought-out design so that it can be worn for 1 hour around the yard.

As we mentioned, the proposed models are used not only in specialized companies but also by individuals. Therefore, ease of setup, launch, and use is another important factor. Also one of the expected and important characteristics is the stability of work. The engine should fire up on the first-second pull.

TOP backpack leaf blowers detailed review

Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 

In case of choosing the most suitable backpack leaf blower for you, of course, the power of the model should be evaluated first. Husqvarna has long been known to customers as a manufacturer of various reliable home and garden tools, and its leaf blowers are no exception. 

Model 965877502 350BT is the winner of our rating. This is a perfectly designed leaf blower. For your money, you get not only one of the largest capacities on the market (among similar products), but also one of the best value for money. 

This model is equipped with a cruise control function, which means that fan speed can be set for easier handling.

This became possible by the use of a 2-stroke engine in this model. It has Air Flow Capacity — 692.17 Cubic Feet Per Minute. Competitors can only offer 4-stroke models with similar airflow capacity. However, their cost will already be 2 times higher than Husqvarna 965877502 350BT. 

The fact that it uses a 2-stroke engine shouldn’t scare you. This model works stably for several years, as a rule, without any breakdowns.

Things to consider
At first glance, it may seem to you that this model is quite bulky (especially if you have used compact hand-held leaf blowers before). The unit does weigh over 20 lbs, but that weight is evenly distributed by the straps system so that it feels lighter in weight during use. Also, due to the well-thought-out and functional design, the controls will be intuitive and simple for you.

We remind you that when working with the backpack leaf blower it is recommended to use protective equipment (at least Headband Hearing Protectors).

Echo PB-580T 

According to customers, Echo PB-580T is equipped with comfortable straps, so you can work for more than 2 hours without getting tired of its weight. This Mid-Grade model is recommended for areas up to 1 acre. Also, this model has often been used by professional lawn care services, which confirms its build quality and reliability.

Things to consider
Before purchasing a product, we recommend you check not only the duration of the warranty but also its type. At the moment, you can often find products without a warranty for replacement parts. This means that in the event of a breakdown, you will need to buy the necessary part and pay for the work of the master in the repair service.
Note, that it applies not only to this model but to the backpack leaf blower market in general.


I’ve owned a number of backpack blowers over the years. My latest were a series of Husqvarnas, before that I had Stihls, and before that Poulans and a Troy-Built and was disappointed in each of them because none of them could perform like they were advertised. I have to say I am truly impressed with the power of this Echo. I was prompted to buy it since I noticed that all the professional lawn care services had switched to them. I’m glad I did too.

– Juan, OH

My initial run consisted of almost 2 hrs of steady use with a long time at full throttle without issue!

– Chon, TX

Makita EB7660TH 

The EB7660TH model is very convenient and easy to use because it does not need to use a mix of fuel (just fill it with gas and oil).

Also, this leaf blower is very powerful among the top models (Air Flow Capacity — 706 Cubic Feet Per Minute). Customers recommend using this 4-stroke model because it is more comfortable (less vibration, less annoying noise).

This Semi-Pro model is recommended for use on plots over 1 acre. For extended use, EB7660TH would be more comfortable and far less tiring. For example, you can use it to clean a 2-acre yard full of oak trees.

Things to consider
We recommend that you purchase this model if your yard is more than 1 acre or if you live in a forested area. For small yards, an almost similar power, but cheaper Husqvarna 965877502 350BT will be quite enough for you.


This is a truly great tool. Starts easily, blows strong. The biggest thing is that it is relatively quiet. Only downside is the weight, but it is not too heavy. Would also benefit from a chest strap.

– Herman, CA

Makita EB5300TH 

If you are an experienced leaf blower user, then you know that cheap models take 3-5 times to start. In 80% of cases, this model starts up from 1 time, 15% from 2 times. 

Also, for your convenience and comfort, the manufacturer has equipped the EB5300TH model with an observation block, where you can see the oil and fuel level in the device at any time in a second.

It also has a 4-stroke engine making it more powerful and quieter than similar models. Also, you don’t need to mix fuel before running this leaf blower.

Things to consider
For you to be able to use this equipment for several seasons, the manufacturer recommends using high-quality fuel and oil, which may be slightly more expensive than similar products for models with 2-stroke engines.


Replaced a 10 year old 2 stroke Husqvarna backpack blower. I was tired of the clouds of smoke from the gas/oil mix. The Makita is 30% quieter, has 25% more power and it’s easier to start. I like the sight line on the oil level and the same for the fuel level. Overall, a very nice machine that is far less annoying from a pollution level compared to a 2 cycle and it has a LOT more power than the newer dual battery powered blowers that run for 18 minutes and are done.

– Еric, AZ

Well made 4 cycle, started on first pull, made short work of a yard full of leaves. Plenty of power.

– Mark, NH

Husqvarna models comparison

Also, you may have read that customers recommend about a dozen other Husqvarna models. We did some ad hoc additional research to determine which of these items are worth buying. Among them, we found a super-powerful backpack blower, the lightest leaf blower, and a multifunctional one. Read more in our comprehensive comparison of the best Husqvarna backpack leaf blowers.

* We guarantee that you will not find anywhere more complete and detailed information about these models, because we additionally found out some data in closed sources.

Any of these models is a good and reliable choice for you. The only difference between them is which one will satisfy your needs better.

  1. If you have a yard of more than 2 acres or a yard with many oak trees, choose a more powerful model 580BTS Mark II.
  2. If portability and power “in one bottle” are important to you — pay attention to the multitasking model 130BT.
  3. If you have a typical medium-sized yard with different trees, then you should not overpay, we recommend in this case to get a reliable model above the average power 570BTS.
  4. For a small yard (less than 1 acre) or cleaning yard with small leaves, needles, small debris, the 150BT model is best suited.

All of these models are equipped with a 2-stroke modified engine.

‘X’ torq engine technology

It is a 2 stroke engine concept that gives you a 20% improvement in fuel consumption, plus a 60% reduction in exhaust emissions.

A disadvantage of 2-strokes is that the incoming fuel-air mixture gets mixed up with the outgoing exhaust gasses. Fuel air mix can end up in the exhaust and wasted exhaust gasses can also be forced back into the engine cylinder, diluting the fuel-air mix (caused by the exhaust pulse).

4-strokes don’t have this problem as they waste (half) an engine revolution just to push out the exhaust gasses.

‘X’ torq engines have a porting system that during every engine revolution a shot of clean, cold oxygen-rich air is introduced to the cylinder. This acts as a buffer between the incoming fuel-air mixture and the outgoing exhaust gasses.

This separates the inlet gasses from the exhaust gasses. This with the ‘super scavenging’ front positioned ports gives probably the most efficient small 2-stroke so far made. This retains ALL of the two stroke’s simplicity and lightweight and adds torque.

Professional addons for your safety 

No matter how exciting it is to work with blowers, you need to remember about safety. Therefore, always wear hearing and eye protection.

Plexiglas Face Visor With Headband Hearing Protectors
Husqvarna 505665348

– 25dB(A) NRR Hearing Protectors. 
– Protection for grass clearing and other tasks. 
Cover between visor and headband which prevents grass, chips and rain from entering from above.

Professional Headband Hearing Protectors
Husqvarna 531300089

Comfortable headband hearing protectors protect your hearing from the engine noise of your equipment. 
– Lightweight, flexible padded headband. 
– 25dB(A) NRR. 
– For use without a hard hat. 
Great for use with any outdoor product, including trimmers, blowers, mowers, etc.

Classic Work Gloves

From casual gardener to the everyday user, Husqvarna gloves have you covered. 
– General-purpose gloves.
– Quick-fit elastic closures, synthetic leather palms, and high visibility design. 
– Lightweight and breathable.
– Fully touchscreen capable with smartphones.

Flex Polarized Protective Glasses

Husqvarna premium protective sunglasses with vented rubber nosepiece for breathability and dual-mold rubber temple grips for better stability. 
– Polarized lenses eliminate reflective glare for reduced eye strain and enhanced view. 
– Crystal black frame color and smoke lens color.

All models from the review


In this review, we have selected reliable and functional models for you. By purchasing any of them, you will be happy with your choice. 

However, we suggest that you go further and choose not just a good, but an ideal model for you. Choose a model that suits your needs so that every time you pick up the backpack leaf blower, you feel satisfied with the purchase and can safely say that it was worth your money.


⭐️ What is the best gas backpack leaf blower for the money?

Husqvarna 965877502 350BT. In this model, the manufacturer uses a modified ‘X’ torq engine, which retains the advantages of a 2-stroke engine (lightness, cost) and eliminates its disadvantages. A porting system acts as a buffer between the incoming fuel-air mixture and the outgoing exhaust gasses.

💚 What is the best backpack leaf blower to buy?

  • Best Overall. Husqvarna 965877502 350BT
  • Best Bang For the Buck. Husqvarna 150 BT
  • Upgrade Pick. Husqvarna 570 BTS
  • Best Quiet Operation. Makita EB5300TH
  • Best for Large Yards. Husqvarna 580 BTS Mark II

🍂 Are backpack leaf blowers worth it?

The advantage of the backpack leaf blower is of course its power. Absolutely all customers were happy with their switch from handheld or electric leaf blowers to backpack leaf blower. Maybe the backpack leaf blower may seem cumbersome to you, but you will not get tired during extended work in the yard (thanks to the belt system), moreover, cleaning will take you 35-60% less time.

❔ Which is better: a 2 cycle or 4 cycle backpack leaf blower?

Neither one nor the other. Based on the practical experience of more than 550 people, we recommend models with a modified 2-stroke ‘X’ torq engine. It gives you a 20% improvement in fuel consumption, plus a 60% reduction in exhaust emissions.

⚙️ What is the best cfm for a backpack leaf blower?

A good cfm for a backpack leaf blower is from 400 to 750 cfm. However, if you want to get multitasking and combine compactness + lightness with power, then pay attention to the 300-400 cfm models. If you want maximum power then look for models above 700 cfm.

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