Helpers In The Garden: Top-6 Backpack Sprayers

Looking for the best backpack sprayer and don’t know where to start? We have prepared for you an article, where you can learn about the best of them and understand the typical mistakes when choosing, such as not the right type of pump, uncomfortable shoulder straps, heavyweight, and much more. All important selection criteria in one place.

Any green area needs regular care, watering, healthy vitamins and must be protected from pests to look attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Backpack sprayers are an indispensable item for landscape-designers, garden or vegetable garden owners, pest control specialists, or hobby-gardeners. With this attachment, you no longer need to carry buckets or hand sprayers with you to fertilize your piece of land or get rid of pests.

They have different nozzles that allow you to apply the product properly: pointwise in hard-to-reach places or spray over long distances up and down.

Thanks to their ergonomics, these sprayers significantly save time and increase efficiency, as well as reduce effort and fatigue during maintenance.

If you want to know more about the advantages of backpack sprayers, find out what is important when choosing such a product and choose a sprayer to your liking — we advise you to read this article to the end.

Comparison table: top-6 best backpack sprayers

The most powerful backpack sprayer
Field King Max 190348

Pump type: Piston and diaphragm
Control: Manual
Nozzles: 4
Gallonage: 4
Weight: 12.8 pounds
Dimensions: 23 x 22.5 x 9.5 Inches
Reasons to buy:

- Pump design has 65% fewer wear parts for easy maintenance
- The unique pump design “No Leak” (has durable seals)
- Has the highest pressure (150 PSI)
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The most versatile backpack sprayer

Pump type: Diaphragm
Control: Motorized
Nozzles: 10
Gallonage: 4
Weight: 13 pounds
Dimensions: 23 x 8 x 16 Inches
Reasons to buy:

- Has 8-hour battery
- Has a lot of nozzles that suitable for any types of work
- Has a great radius of spraying (30 feet)
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The best battery-operated backpack sprayer

Pump type: Diaphragm
Control: Motorized
Nozzles: 3
Gallonage: 3
Weight: 9.38 pounds
Dimensions: 8 x 9.75 x 20.75 Inches
Reasons to buy:

- Double adjustable PSI switch (40 and 70)
- Has 6-hour battery
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The most portable backpack sprayer

Pump type: Piston
Control: Manual
Nozzles: 1
Gallonage: 1.3
Weight: 2.53 pounds
Dimensions: 16.14 x 7.09 x 7.09 Inches
Reasons to buy:

- Portable size
- Ideal for close-range spraying
- Has gallon measurements
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The best backpack sprayer with a convenient tank
Chapin International 61500

Pump type: Piston
Control: Manual
Nozzles: 2
Gallonage: 4
Weight: 10.6 pounds
Dimensions: 17.25 x 9.75 x 18.25 inches
Reasons to buy:

- Has double filtration to prevent debris from entering the tank
- Has multiple-pattern nozzles
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The best backpack sprayer for a small-sized area
Smith Performance Sprayers R200

Pump type: Piston
Control: Manual
Nozzles: 4
Gallonage: 2
Weight: 4.7 pounds
Dimensions: 8 x 9.75 x 20.75 Inches
Reasons to buy:

- Stable design
- Suitable for hand-spraying
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Why trust us?

To recommend any product to you, our team conducts an in-depth study of the models on the market. In the course of this research, we determine which models are the best, which characteristics are important, as well as which selection problems matter for buyers.

Our research model consists of items such as:

  • Analysis of the products with the highest ratings.
  • Selection of the most suitable models. At this stage, only about 10 models are selected for a more detailed analysis.
  • In the course of detailed analysis based on over 100 customer reviews, we determine the criteria that are important to them and which marks should be paid special attention to. Thus, on average, out of 10 models, only 5-7 get into our top.

Therefore, we can confidently recommend the products presented in this article.

Below you can see our analysis method:

Valuehunta® analysis methodology

What pay attention to while choosing the product

  • PSI — Pound per Square Inch is a unit of measure that determines the amount of pressure. In general, this value for backpack sprayers ranges from 20 to 150 PSI. And its average value reaches about 90 pounds per square inch, which is the best option (the range from 20 to 95 PSI includes tanks with a capacity of 2-4 gallons).

The importance of PSI is that the efficiency of spraying directly depends on it. Too low pressure can result in uneven spraying, and too much can damage any surface. 

  • Pump type — There are 2 types of pumps. 

Piston pumps are more suitable for homeowners or hobby gardeners as they are simple in design, easy to use, and cheaper.

The principle of operation consists of the up-down movement of the lever, which creates pressure that pushes the liquid through the spray tube. Piston pumps provide higher pressure than diaphragm pumps, but they are not suitable for abrasive chemicals, as such means will destroy the piston and, accordingly, reduce the life of the piston pump.

Diaphragm pumps are more often used by professionals in their field since this pump type has a more durable design and is designed for highly abrasive media, therefore their cost is often higher.

The principle of operation is that a sealed system pumps liquid from side to side and thereby creates pressure, but despite this, they produce a lower pressure than piston ones.

  • Tank capacity — Backpack sprayers capacity is from 2 to 7 gallons on average.

Of course, there are sprayers with both a smaller capacity and a larger one, but this variant is the most optimal. Since, for example, large tanks will be too heavy to carry on the back and will need to be transported on a trolley, which is not very convenient.

Also, important advice is to have gallon measurements for more comfortable use.

  • Safety and convenience — The most important criteria for choosing a backpack sprayer. No one wants to deal with leaks or straps that bite into the shoulders.

As for the straps, you should pay attention to the presence of soft pads on them, which will ensure comfortable and adjustable wearing during prolonged use. 

Also, a good addition would be soft rubber bands on the handles of the attachments, which can protect your hands from chafing. And, to some extent, “save” from the effects of chemicals, if a leak occurs.

  • Pump control — The backpack sprayer has an internal pump that pumps the liquid inside. The pump has 2 types of control: motorized and manual.

The motorized pump is powered by a battery. This type is easy to set up and works automatically, which means that no effort is needed (except that it needs to be charged before starting work, of course).

Most often this type is used for larger areas and long-term work. Motorized backpack sprayers cost between $ 100 and $ 500 on average, so this is a more expensive option and is most often used by professionals in their field.

The manual pump, as the name suggests, is operated by hand. Unlike motorized ones, it is ready to go at any time, therefore it is most often used for small areas of homeowners. The downside of a hand pump can be that it can cause fatigue from hand pumping. But despite this, a manual backpack sprayer is the best option because of its affordable price — on average from $ 40 to $ 150.

  • Battery — When choosing a sprayer with motorized pumps, special attention should be paid to the battery. Optimally, it should be able to work for at least 3 hours without additional charging.
  • Portable size — The portability and weight of your backpack sprayer will directly depend on its capacity. Therefore, the larger the container, the more weight, so it is important to understand how much weight will be optimal for you when working with the sprayer.

On average, a sprayer will weigh between 15 and 45 pounds with a full tank, which is quite acceptable. Weights over 40 pounds are considered heavy for most.

  • Nozzles — are the most important part of the sprayers, as the spray efficiency depends on them. There are many forms of spraying — from straight to fan-shaped, designed for completely different purposes. On average, they all serve up to 0.5 GPM (gallons per minute).

Also, important points are the material from which the attachments are made. Plastic is the most fragile, and brass attachments are the opposite.

  • Product material — The materials from which the backpack sprayer is made not only affect the quality of the product and its durability but also the ease of maintenance, so when choosing, you should pay special attention to this if you want to avoid trouble. Here are some of the best: stainless steel, PVC, polyester, and brass. 
  • Chemical rating — This is an important criterion in determining which backpack sprayer you need. It all depends on what kind of fluids you will use.

Some products are high in corrosive substances that can destroy seals, hoses, nozzles, and even the tank of your sprayer. Usually, the compatibility of funds with materials is indicated on the packaging of the product itself, so special knowledge is not required here to understand this.

A detailed review of the best picks

Field King Max 190348 — The most powerful backpack sprayer

Field King Max 190348 is capable of delivering pressures up to 150 PSI, making it the most powerful backpack sprayer available for a wide variety of applications. But it shows 20 feet in the air, which is, oddly enough, less than Chapin International 61500 (review). 

Also, unlike other models featured in this article, the Field King Max 190348 has a high leakage resistance due to its unique internal pump design called “No Leak” and owners confirm this.

The 4-gallon tank, made of durable plastic with brass elements, has an internal agitator that produces a homogeneous liquid when in use. Works like a piston and diaphragm backpack sprayer so it’s suitable for professional and hobby-gardeners.

It includes 4 nozzles: straight nozzle, narrow fan nozzle, wide fan nozzle, and foam nozzle for various applications: one adjustable brass nozzle, 2 flat nozzles (good for large coverage areas), and one foam nozzle (Teejet nozzles also work). All backpack sprayer gaskets are from Viton, which guarantees a quality seal. It also has a padded backrest with lumbar support.

This model is equipped with a 21-inch stainless steel wand that provides chemical resistance and durability.


  • Has a built-in agitator for media
  • Made from strong and durable materials
  • Has an enlarged seal to avoid leaks

⛔️ Cons:

  • Doesn’t have gallon measurements, but Liquid Harvest Lazer can help you. It is a fluid indicator for tanks that do not have gallon graduations.

MY4SONS M4 — The most versatile backpack sprayer

MY4SONS M4 is the most versatile, as it has 10 different nozzles: from long-range to foggy for different types of surfaces and different types of spraying. For example, you can use cone-nozzle for working with fungicides and insecticides due to its small droplets or flat-nozzle for spraying large areas and so on.

Also it’s battery-operated. A special feature is its battery, which holds one charge for up to 8 hours and has a charge indicator.

MY4SONS M4 has a spray radius of approximately 30 feet, which is 5-7 feet longer than Chapin International 61500 (review) and is ideal for standard spraying. The capacity is 4 gallons and has gallon measurements for convenience. It’s a good choice both for those who work in the garden and for those who are just taking care of their plot.

Also features updated triple padded shoulder straps for a comfortable fit on the back, which are bolted to the structure for a more secure fit. Has organizers for attachments, batteries, and other accessories.

A good advantage is a pressure switch that supplies 20 to 60 PSI, so you can select the pressure value (Pounds per Square Inch) from two possible ones: 20 or 60 for different types of surfaces. As in KIMO Pink (review), the set comes with 2 sticks: stainless steel and acid-resistant for different types of chemicals.


  • Has battery indicator
  • Has strong and comfortable straps
  • Suitable for all types of liquids

⛔️ Cons:

  • Pretty heavy (13 pounds)

KIMO Pink — The best battery-operated backpack sprayer

KIMO Pink is battery-operated. The advantage of this model is that the batteries on which the pump operates have 2.0 Ah, which means that the charge will last for 5-6 hours. This is a great advantage, both for professionals in their field and for ordinary homeowners.

Also featured is a dual adjustable PSI capable of delivering up to 40 PSI and 70 PSI to control the pressure for different surfaces. Like the Smith Performance Sprayers R200 (review), the KIMO Pink has a grip lock feature to reduce hand fatigue. It has 3 types of nozzles, more precisely: a brass nozzle with 2 types of spraying (spot and fog), a shower nozzle (fan-shaped spray, that suitable for fertilizers and herbicides), and a plastic nozzle (cone-shaped spray, that provides excellent full coverage), which are suitable not only for gardening but also for car care or cleaning the yard in hard-to-reach places.

Includes a 3-gallon tank. It doesn’t have gallon measurements, but Liquid Harvest Lazer (fluid indicator) can solve this problem.

Also it has 2 types of sticks (43 and 20 inches) to increase the cleaning range, for example, to reach trees or reach the root of a plant without watering the leaves.


  • Has an extended wand for more precise spraying
  • No manual pumping required

⛔️ Cons:

  • Doesn’t have enough nozzles, so the alternative can be MY4SONS M4 that has 10 nozzles

TABOR TOOLS N50 — The most portable backpack sprayer

The TABOR TOOLS N50 is the best budget backpack sprayer, which has a compact design that makes it a very portable backpack suitable for home-owners and hobby-gardeners. It works like a piston pump and is made of rust-resistant materials.

It has 1.3 gallons and is manually operated, but has a shut-off valve that allows the flow to be fixed at a certain pressure level. It also has a convenient grip on the tank lid for manual use, unlike the Field King Max 190348 (review), which does not have such a function and uses only for back use.

For convenience, the tank is made of transparent polyethylene and has gallon measurements to control the amount of liquid in it. An important note is that this model is not suitable for acidic and alkaline agents.
Unlike the Smith Performance Sprayers R200 (review) that has a 50-inch hose, it has a 16.5-inch hose, which can be a little short and inconvenient for hard-to-reach places and one but adjustable nozzle.


  • Has a handle lock for constant flow
  • The transparent material of the tank allows controlling of the volume of the liquid

⛔️ Cons:

  • Not suitable for acidic agents

Chapin International 61500 — The best backpack sprayer with a convenient tank

Chapin International 61500 is 4 gallons and is considered one of the best backpack sprayers from the company. It has a more convenient design than competitors since the square shape of the tank distributes the weight more evenly. It works like a piston pump so it is more suitable for house owners as it is easy to use and cheaper. It is also provided with Viton seals that are especially resistant to temperatures and chemicals.

Unlike the TABOR TOOLS N50 (review), it has 2 adjustable nozzles: poly cone and fan, that are suitable for all types of products and use for spot, directed and air-assisted spraying. They are rotatable and can replace most standard nozzles. It also has a 4-inch filler neck, which means it is wide enough to fill the tank with fluid easily and without leaks. This model doesn’t have gallon measurements, but you can use Liquid Harvest Lazer. It is a fluid indicator for tanks that do not have gallon graduations. 

Chapin International 61500 features double filtration, which prevents any type of clogging.

The PSI is 60, which is good enough to give a horizontal spray radius of 25 feet and a vertical spray radius of 23 feet. Has a 48-inch hose, which is slightly shorter than the Smith Performance Sprayers R200 (review), but this does not greatly affect the use. You will not feel that you lack the length to access a hard-to-reach place.


  • Can make vertical spraying
  • Has a wide throat for filling
  • Has Viton seals

⛔️ Cons:

  • Has straps without padding

Smith Performance Sprayers R200 — The best backpack sprayer for a small-sized area

The Smith Performance Sprayers R200 is 2-gallon so its size is fairly portable and the sprayer is lightweight. Its robust construction (stainless steel, PVC, polyester, and brass) means that it is more resistant to corrosion, to different types of chemicals, to different weather conditions and storage conditions. Thanks to this, it will last you longer than other models. 

It’s size, roominess, and lightweight makes it an ideal companion for homeowners who have small areas. Also, a nice bonus is the comfortable nylon shoulder straps, which ensure comfortable wearing on the back.

Also has a filtration system in the tank. Cleaning is not inconvenient since the structure is removable. Smith Performance Sprayers R200 has a handle lock function (check valve), which is designed against hand fatigue. This model doesn’t have measurements, so we advise you to use a Liquid Harvest Lazer. It is a fluid indicator for tanks that do not have gallon graduations.

Like Field King Max 190348 (review), the Smith Performance Sprayers R200 has 4 types of nozzles (adjustable brass, wide and narrow flat, that use for thorough spraying of crops or weeds, and foam-nozzle) and a 21-inch stainless steel wand. It also has a 50-inch hose with chemical resistance that allows you to reach even the most difficult areas. 


  • Made from durable materials
  • Has a lock function
  • Has a long hose for convenience

⛔️ Cons:

  • Has thin straps

5 benefits of having a backpack sprayer

  1. Convenience

Backpack sprayers are great helpers in gardening. With their wide range of nozzles, sticks, tubing, and hoses, they provide 100% penetration into tricky areas and ensure that you only spray where you need it.

  1. Efficiency

This type of sprayer is considered to be much more efficient compared to other types of sprayers. Wearing a backpack sprayer is more comfortable than, for example, a handheld sprayer. This advantage is key for those with either a large area or some health problem. Thanks to the different types of spraying, it is possible to cover different areas of the sprayed area. Some models provide high power even when spraying vertically.

  1. Maintenance

The advantage of this device is its easy maintenance, the ability to easily repair, replace parts and purchase additional attachments.

Most sprayers are compatible with a wide range of manufacturers, which means that there is a 90% chance of buying the parts you need at your local hardware store.

As for the repair, the structures are quite simple, which means that you do not need to be a process engineer to twist or replace any part. Also, usually, manufacturers give a guarantee, which means you can replace something at the expense of it.

  1. Versatility

Backpack sprayers can be used not only for fertilization or against pests, but also for watering or cleaning any other surfaces in the house and yard. For example, for washing a car, paving stones, a fence.

  1. Saving money

Instead of buying special hoses, nozzles, different gadgets, or hiring people who have such a unit to do the job you need, you can get your one that comes with the necessary accessories and will save you costs in the long run.


The choice of a backpack sprayer is an important step in the activities of anyone who is engaged in gardening or is in any way connected with it.

Often people can make the wrong choice because they do not take into account all the required selection criteria and, as a result, they will regret the purchase.

In this article, we reviewed each of the best models on the market and described the most important selection criteria, such as tank size and capacity, pump power and type, safety and comfort, attachments, chemical rating, and more to ensure complete enjoyment of use.


🏆 What is the best backpack sprayer in 2021?

The best backpack sprayer in 2021 are:

  • Smith Performance Sprayers R200 — best backpack sprayer for a small-sized area.
  • KIMO Pink — best battery-operated backpack sprayer. Has a 6-hour battery.
  • TABOR TOOLS N50 — best portable-sized backpack sprayer.
  • MY4SONS M4 — has a lot of types of nozzles, so it’s suitable for different works.

📏 How far will a backpack sprayer spray?

On average, backpack sprayers have a radius of approximately 20 feet. More powerful sprayers are capable of spraying up to 30 feet. You can find in our article backpack sprayers that work on different distances.

🤷‍ What is the difference between a diaphragm and a piston sprayer?

Diaphragm pumps have lower pressure, therefore they are suitable for spraying. They are also more durable when sprayed with harmful agents. Piston pumps have higher pressures and are more suitable for spot spraying.

🤔 What is a backpack sprayer used for?

Backpack sprayers are used to apply a variety of fluids, from water to various fertilizers and pest control products. They can be used as well as in the garden, as well as for cleaning in the yard and the house, as well as, for example, washing the car with them.

🧼 How to clean a backpack sprayer?

First, you need to empty the remaining liquid from the tank. Then, you need to rinse it: if the product is not toxic, rinsing with water will be enough; if not, rinse the tank with hot water and dishwashing detergent, for example, or with soap. Next, you should rinse the stick, hose and clean the filter. Give everything time to dry. Voila, the backpack sprayer is ready to go again.

  1. I have a backpack sprayer TABOR TOOLS N50 it is convenient and easy to use. The sprayer is translucent so you can see what the inside liquid level is. I highly recommend this.

  2. Can the wand be bent in the KIMO Pink sprayer? Need a sprayer to water/feed potted orchids above head level.

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