How To Clean The Toaster Oven The Right Way

Delaying cleaning your toaster oven because it takes a long time? We will tell you how to do everything quickly and efficiently.

Most of the models of toaster ovens on the market today can make not only toast but many other delicious dishes as well. And so, after the buying, you probably overtook the question of how to clean the toaster to avoid food debris and contamination. Below are some effective methods that won’t take you long to clean.

Steps without harsh chemicals for cleaning toaster oven

Step 1. Remove and clean the elements of the toaster.

  1. Unplug the toaster and move it to a surface convenient for you, but never immerse it in water.
  2. Take out the metal baking sheet, wire shelf, and bottom tray where crumbs have accumulated.
  3. Use dish soap and water to clean these parts. To remove stubborn stains, it is recommended to soak them overnight.
  4. After washing, let them dry completely.

Step 2. Clean the inside of the toaster.

  1. It is recommended to use your cleaning solution for cleaning, mixing vinegar (or a few drops of lemon juice), warm water, and a little dish soap.
  2. Use a sponge or cloth instead of steel wool to avoid damage to the toaster.
  3. During washing, try not to let liquid get on the heating elements.

Step 3. Clean the glass of the toaster oven.

  1. The accumulation of fat on the glass can be also removed with your cleaning solution
  2. It is advisable to leave this mixture for a couple of hours, and preferably overnight for more effective cleaning.

Step 4. Dry all items and place them back in the toaster.

  1. Wipe each of them thoroughly with a clean dry cloth before putting them back into the device.

Tips for using a toaster

  • Check the toaster after each use to make sure food has not dropped on or near the heating element.
  • If food has dropped off, wait until the heating element has completely cooled down before trying to remove anything.
  • Never use metal utensils inside the device.


If you use your toaster daily, it is recommended that you clean it once every one to two weeks. These simple steps will help you clean up and keep your device running for years to come.


🤔 Why should I clean the toaster?

Dust, drops of grease, crumbs accumulate on the grates, and as a result, the device may become unusable. Also, if the crumbs stick to the heating elements, they start to burn, which could result in a fire.

🧴 What tools do I need to clean my toaster?

To clean the toaster without harsh chemicals needs:

  • Cloth or rag
  • Dish soap
  • Sponge
  • Vinegar or a few drops of lemon

⏰ How often should the toaster be cleaned?

It is recommended to thoroughly and deeply clean the inside of the device once or twice a month. But the crumbs from the pallet must be removed at least once a week.

💧 Can the inside of the toaster be washed with water?

It is strictly forbidden to wash electrical appliances underwater. Liquid contact with the internal parts of the toaster is fraught with the complete failure of the device. You can wipe the case with a soft cloth slightly dampened with water. After wet processing, wipe the surface dry.

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