Hybrid Bikes Under $500

Over 60% of bikes under $500 break within 6 months. How do you ensure safety? A veteran biker reviewed >20 models and chosen the Top 5. Bonus: customer reviews included

With a plethora of hybrid bikes available on the market, choosing one might seem like a daunting task. In this article, we have explored more than 100 reviews, consulted with experienced users, and made suggestions to help save your time and effort. We’ve done all the hard work for you so that you can choose the best-suited bike without any worry. 

So where do you start? What to look for at first? The brand, price, or the rating? Surprisingly, none of these. In this article, we’ve highlighted the most important criteria based on the hybrid bikes that were selected. (Spoiler: pay special attention to the quality of the wheels, comfortable seat, and appearance of the bike

In the table below, you can see our winners in each respective category. 

Top-5 hybrid bikes: a comparative table

ModelWinner in the categoryFrame material; bike weight (pounds)Wheel size (inches)Number of speedsSuitable for height (tall- inches)
Sixthreezero EVRYjourneyThe smoothest ride Aluminum; 3826760-77
Schwinn DiscoverThe most stylish bikeAluminum; 43.34282164-74
Schwinn NetworkThe model with the most professional wheelsSteel; 40282164-74
Sixthreezero Pave N' TrailThe most comfortable rideAluminum; 33.526764-70
Sixthreezero Ride in The ParkThe most equippedAluminum; 3029360-71

How did we choose?

We consulted with real-world owners of the bikes, as well as had a team of technical researchers reviewing the quality of these bikes to find the pros and cons that might not be apparent to an individual owner. We reviewed over 20 models and picked the 5 best. Based on this research, we highlighted the most essential bikes’ qualities. We have compiled a list of criteria for choosing the best hybrid bike. And here’s what we found.

The most important criterion is the quality of the wheels. Indicators like the supporting weight, diameter compared to dimensions, the tire strength, and how easy it is to fill the tires also matter. For example, the best result in this category, the Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike has tires that are thick and hold the air for the longest time. We’re all familiar with the annoying situation where you have to inflate your tires before you go for a ride. It’s worse when you use your bike frequently.

The next key criterion is a comfortable seat. Many cyclists complain of lower back and shoulder pain. During our research, we paid special attention to this crucial factor. The best seat should be soft, wide, and adjustable. In combination with wide handlebars, you will forget about any kind of pain. We suggest that you look into the Sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail. It has fewer number of speeds in comparison with Schwinn bikes, but thanks to its shape and comfortable seat, you will move more ergonomically, which will compensate for this small nuance.

An interesting finding from our research showed that the third most important criterion is the appearance of the bike. Customers want an attractive appearance, unique style, and deep colors. We all want bikes that are not only of high quality but also of a good appearance. An eye-catching design that makes you smile even in the dull and rainy weather. Think of the bike as a reflection of yourself. Do you feel the desire to ride it? A good appearance includes solid color, suitable frame height, shape, and other small details like the design of pedals, and the diameter of handlebars that all contribute to the bike’s glory. All buyers of our top-5 hybrid bikes were satisfied with these criteria, but they considered the Schwinn Discover the best of the best.

Here is the full list of factors that are significant while choosing a hybrid bike:

  • The wheels
  • A comfy seat
  • The appearance
  • Multiple gears — help to regulate speed according to the situation or surface
  • Lightweight — these bikes are easier to lift and carry around
  • A frame of the right size — considering the rider’s height
  • Smoothness — does your bike work smoothly or move jerkily?
  • Good brakes — functioning properly and braking system is extensive
  • Wide handlebars — provide with more natural hands’ position and those that are made of a Good material
  • Strength and thin tires that are easy to fill

Let’s take a look at each of our top-5 models. 

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney — the most smooth in ride model

Category winner: The smoothest ride

This is a classic hybrid bike, a purchase that you won’t regret. It moves smoothly, has good brakes, and changes gears seamlessly. This SixThreeZero bike got the most positive owner’s comments on these characteristics. Also, it has multiple gears that means that you can adapt to any situation or surface and regulate your speed accordingly. 

Another great advantage is the ease of assembly. Even if you have never assembled a bike, this one will take you only about an hour. You will find all the necessary tools and instructions in the box with this bike. It’s better to assemble a bike once properly and then forget about having to tighten the screws from time to time, isn’t it?

EVRYjourney has 7 speeds that are less than those in the Schwinn Discover or the Schwinn Network however, EVRYjourney is the most smooth among them when it comes to switching gears. You can’t ride comfortably at a high speed if everything is shaking but with the EVRYjourney bike, you will feel smooth like a fish in clear water. It’s worth mentioning that this bike has an aluminum frame that is suitable for one’s height, so you can ride with a comfortable posture. And the best effect on a good posture is achieved in combination with wide handlebars because your position is more natural.

Schwinn Discover — the most stylish model

Category winner: The most stylish bike

If you’re in love with modern and stylish bikes, then this one is for you. It looks like a modern interpretation of a classic bike and also, our research shows that owners find it more beautiful when they see it in front of them. Here the color saturation and shape look the most impressive. This, along with other factors make customers fall in love with this bike. 

Like the previous bike, this one also has multiple gears (21 that is the largest number) and is light thanks to the aluminum frame. According to an experienced opinion, this bike is smooth enough (almost as the EVRYjourney) and fast. Owners say that thanks to both of these criteria, the Schwinn Discover moves like a mouse: quickly and quietly.

4 out of 5 owners mentioned quick delivery (e.g. less than a week to the Midwest) without damage. You can always find the official online manual or video tutorial to ensure that the assembly is correct.

Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike — model with the most professional wheels

Category winner: Model with the most professional wheels

Yes, we are confident in its professionalism. This bike has durable tires, which are easy to fill. Professionalism is also confirmed by the supported weight (around 300 lbs) and wheel diameter in relation to the bike size. Your weight is not an issue as these wheels will withstand almost any load. For comparison, the SixThreeZero EVRYjourney and the Pave N’ Trail bikes also support weight up to 300 lbs, but the diameter of their wheels is smaller and increases the load on the wheel.

While in the Schwinn Discover, some argue on the tires’ quality, the Schwinn Network has no issues with it at all and the tires are thick and help to grasp the road at a slight tilt. The interviewed buyers also highlight that the Schwinn Network bike is almost as fast and agile as a road bike. All Schwinn bikes are well-designed from their color saturation and to the form of the seat. For example, while the EVRYjourney has a flatter seat, the Schwinn Network has a triangular one, which provides a comfortable ride.

Sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail — the most comfortable model

Category winner: The most comfortable ride

Are you looking for an ergonomic seat to ride on as long as you want and without any pain? Then Sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail is your perfect bike. Seat comfort is procured by soft material, front suspension, and a tapered form. Our experienced users are sure that thanks to these criteria, this bike is much more comfortable for long-distance rides than the Schwinn Network.  All these provide firm back and hip support, so your posture will be as natural as possible. Like other Sixthreezero bikes and Schwinn Discover bikes, the Sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail also has an aluminum frame that makes the whole bike lighter. You can easily carry it up and down the stairs without exerting a lot of strength. 

As with the Schwinn Discover bike, you can easily find an online manual. Also, their customer service is exceptional. 

Sixthreezero Ride in The Park — the most equipped

Category winner: The most equipped

This bike scores impressively in several criteria. The size of the frame, ease of assembly, appearance, and delivery — all these help make it to our top-5 rated bikes. If you’re a 60 to 74 inches tall rider then it will be easy for you to hop on and off the bike. The parcel has everything you will need for assembly and the whole process will take 20-30 minutes (the quickest among all bikes) as this bike comes 85% assembled. Customer support may not as fast as with the Sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail, but you probably won’t need it as most things are self-explanatory. 

Speaking about the appearance, buyers noted that this bike is stylish and has an attractive color. What makes Sixthreezero Ride in The Park stand out from the rest of the bikes is the number of attachments: it has a rear rack for bags, a kickstand, and a bell — everything to make your trip comfortable.

What are the best bike accessories that you may need?

As we mentioned earlier, to make your trip comfortable you need different attachments (supplements & accessories). If your bike isn’t fully equipped like the Sixthreezero Ride in The Park Women’s Touring City Bike, then you can buy additional accessories separately. We present a list to help you:


Greallthy Bike Bell

A nice loud ring will be a great advantage as you will be heard from afar.


Zosen Bike Kickstand

The best one is with an anti-slip pad, especially useful in wet weather. Pay attention to its position. If it is too far forward, the heel will easily be touched and will distract when riding.

Rack for bags

Reliancer Bike Cargo Rack

You can buy one with an adjustable length and height. It’s also better to find one with two wide sidebars as they prevent bags from scratching.

Rear bicycle pannier

BV Bicycle Panniers 

You will need it to safely transport your belongings. Zippered pockets are more secure than velcro fastenings.

Fenders and chain guards

Planet Full bike fenders

All Mountain Style Chain Guard

They will protect you in rainy weather. Fenders keep tires clean from rain and road grip while chain guards protect from humidity, scratches, and small structural dents or dings. 

Front and backlight

NP Night Provision LED Bike Light Set

Be clearly visible and ride safely at night. Both types of lights will make you visible to other road users at dusk and later on at night. 


Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

Road situations aren’t predictable. Use a helmet for your safety and health. 

Bottle holder

VLTAWA Premium Bike Water Bottle Cage

It helps you keep your water bottle at hand. Very useful if you plan a long ride and may need to quench your thirst every now and then.

Phone bag

JHVW Bike Frame Bag

It can cost the same as a phone holder but the former is more comfortable because it is waterproof and has additional space for your keys, wallet, USB cable, etc. 


Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror

It’s an inexpensive accessory that could save your life. Just don’t forget to look into it.  

Cycling gloves

Grebarley Cycling Gloves

Forget about calluses and ride comfortably. Your hands need rest and comfort as well the need to be kept warm in the cold season. 


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, an amateur, or a professional biker, when it comes to choosing a hybrid bike you can be dazzled by choice. We highlighted the most demanded bikes’ qualities such as the appearance, multiple gears, lightweight, frame size, smoothness, good brakes, comfortable seats, wide handlebars, and thin tires that are easy to fill. Based on our research, here are the 5 best hybrid bikes to help you make an informed choice. For a more comfortable and safer riding experience, don’t forget to look for supplements & accessories like a helmet, bell, rack for bags, and so on. 


🤔How to choose a hybrid bike?

First of all, make a list of the most requested bike features. While reading a product description or reviews, try to find items that match your list the most. Pay attention to gears, weight, brakes, tires, and attachments.

🥇 What are the best hybrid bikes?

The best hybrid bikes in 2020 are:

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step — the most smooth in ride model
Schwinn Discover — the most stylish model
Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike — a bike with the most professional wheels
Sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail Women’s Hybrid Bike — the most comfortable model 
Sixthreezero Ride in The Park Women’s Touring City Bike — the most equipped

👩 What are the best hybrid bikes for women?

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step — the most smooth in ride model
Sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail Women’s Hybrid Bike — the most comfortable model 
Sixthreezero Ride in The Park Women’s Touring City Bike — the most equipped

👨 What are the best hybrid bikes for men?

Schwinn Discover — the most stylish model
Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike — the model with the most professional wheels

🚴 What are the differences between hybrid bikes and mountain bikes?

A hybrid bike is a mix of the road and mountain bike. It has a heavier frame compared to a road bike but not as heavy as standard mountain bike frames. In general, a hybrid bike isn’t as fast as a road bike but not as heavy as a mountain bike.

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