The Top-5 Smart Tvs Under $300 With The Sharpest Picture

Here we have chosen the best smart TVs thanks to which you can watch Netflix, play video games, and even use your TV as a monitor. One device — lots of features.

TV is one of the most popular forms of relaxation. It does not require you to splurge your savings or leave your home. Before work, during your lunch, or for a peaceful evening — all you need to do is turn on your TV for some precious me time.

Regardless of what you use your TV for: watching live shows, listening to the latest news, or gaming; for the purpose of this article, we researched and chose the top-5 smart TVs that will meet your needs efficiently for less than $300. Interested? Let’s take a closer look at our selected models.

Winner in the category
The best streaming TV (Roku feature)
TCL 32S327

Screen size: 32 inch

Resolution: 1080p 

Connections: Wi-Fi, 3 HDMI, 1 USB, RF, Composite, Headphone Jack, Optical Audio Out

Display technology: LED

Has Roku streaming TV feature that gives access to more than 4,000+ channels;
Thin bezel.

Detailed review
Winner in the category
The best size for the kitchen
LG 22LJ4540

Screen size: 22 inch

Resolution: 1080p

Connections: One (ATSC) RF In (Antenna/Cable), one HDMI

Display technology: LED

Great size for a bedroom or kitchen;
IPS display for better viewing angles.

Detailed review
Winner in the category
The best TV speakers
Hisense 40H4F

Screen size: 40 inch

Resolution: 1080p

Connections: Wi-Fi, Roku TV

Display technology: LED

Good sound quality (level 20 is loud enough for the average person);
The easiest and the most customized setup.

Detailed review
Winner in the category
The widest Wi-Fi connection
LG 24LM530S-PU

Screen size: 24 inch

Resolution: 1366 x 768

Connections: USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi

Display technology: LCD

Ability to watch shows without buffering even with a low strength Wi-Fi signal;
Less use of electricity.

Detailed review
Winner in the category
The best gaming TV
TCL 50S425

Screen size: 50 inch

Resolution: 4K

Connections: 3 HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 (one with HDMI ARC), 1 USB (media player), RF, Composite, Headphone Jack, Optical Audio Out, Ethernet, Wi-Fi

Display technology: LED

Has a 4K display that works great with both PlayStation and Xbox;
A wide variety of connections.

Detailed review

How did we choose

  • First of all, we looked at the highest-rated TVs.
  • We found 30 models, which cost less than $300
  • Then we selected 10 models for a detailed review (excluded outdated ones or models with a small number of reviews). 
  • After that, we analyzed more than 100 customer reviews

Thanks to this method we understood the features that are the most important for users when choosing a TV. Also, we highlighted the most common criteria for each model. All these together helped us list our top-5 TVs under $300. You can see our calculation process below.

Valuehunta® analysis methodology

What to pay attention to while choosing a TV

  1. During our research, we discovered that the top criterion in every TV is the picture quality. Deep black and bright colors together with a crisp and vibrant picture make the process of watching TV or gaming more comfortable and less dangerous to the eyes. All our selected models have the highest ratings in picture quality as it directly influences user comfort. 
  1. Our next important criterion is the quality of TV speakers. They should be powerful and work seamlessly. An adequate sound feature means that speakers will not be loud at level 5 and will not work quietly at level 80 out of 100.

In our list, the Hisense 40H4F (review) has the best speakers. It sounds good enough even without the soundbar. Level 20-30 will be the most comfortable for you if you live in a quiet house/district. It is said that level 50 out of 100 is comfortable for hearing impaired people. Also, the LG 22LJ4540 (review) has a powerful sound system but at the maximum level, it is uncomfortably loud.

  1. Pay attention to the number of connections. Among the most frequently used are: HDMI, and audio jack. If you are looking for a smart TV, you will also need an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection, and Bluetooth. 

TCL TVs have the most number of connections: the TCL 32S327 (review) and the TCL 50S425 (review). They both have Wi-Fi, 3 HDMI connections, 1 USB connection, RF (to connect cable TV service to the set), composite (an old standard that transfers a video signal), a headphone jack, and an Optical Audio Out (for videos with digital audio.) The TCL 50S425 also has an Ethernet connection.

These factors are the most important when it comes to selecting a TV. But there are also some additional features which will make your experience more positive.

Additional factors to pay attention to

  • The simplicity of set-up — you may want to change the settings while using your TV, it is easier to do when the settings are intuitive and standardized
  • Remote control — slim models are more comfortable to keep in the hands and modern models can also include additional buttons and voice control
  • Functionality — when people buy a smart TV, they expect built-in apps like Netflix, YouTube, Alexa, etc. Check that your favorite applications are included
  • Built-in Roku feature — this feature provides you with streaming TV features, be sure that it works without lags, intuitively, and doesn’t require a payment to register for the service
  • Screen — has a thin bezel and doesn’t freeze during use
  • Size — the bigger the screen the bigger area it needs. You can’t hang a 50 inch TV in the corner
  • Connection to a smartphone — with this feature you can change settings, log in to the applications, and switch channels with your smartphone
  • Turn on — fast and quiet start-up time
  • Antenna or turner for live TV — provides many free channels

Based on these indicators, we have chosen our top models which you can see below.

A detailed review of each model

TCL 32S327 — the best streaming TV (Roku feature)

✅ Pros:
  • Has a built-in streaming Roku feature that works intuitively
  • Has a “game mode” but doesn’t have 4K resolution for gaming as present in the TCL 50S425 (review)
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Thin bezel with LCD panel (the latest fashion trend)
⛔️ Cons:
  • Weak Wi-Fi receiver but you can use the USB Wi-Fi adapter to make it stronger

As we have mentioned above, this TV has a built-in streaming feature named Roku that gives you access to more than 4,000+ channels. It works intuitively and without lags. All you need to have is a Roku account and you will be able to listen to your favorite music, watch films or blockbuster movies, latest shows, or other original content. 

You will get the best experience from watching this TV as it has an LCD panel and a thin bezel. The LCD screen utilizes a special technology providing millions of color combinations. And the thin bezel is a modern trend to make your TV appear less massive.

The speakers are 8-10W which is enough for music and videos. The sound system is great but doesn’t get as many admiring comments as the Hisense 40H4F (review). If this power is not enough for you, you can connect additional speakers to this TV as it has different connection outputs that include a headphone jack. If your video has digital audio, this TV also includes the Optical Audio Out.

LG 22LJ4540 — the best size for the kitchen

✅ Pros:
  • Small-sized, so you can mount it in your kitchen or bedroom
  • Has an IPS display, which means that you will have better viewing angles and brighter colors 
  • Loud, powerful sound
  • Has a tuner
  • Sharp picture
⛔️ Cons:
  • No smart functionality (doesn’t have a Wi-Fi adapter and built-in apps but you can use a streaming stick for more channels or TV shows). All the other TVs on our list are smart.
  • Short power cable, use an extension cord if you need one
  • The settings are not self-intuitive as in the Hisense 40H4F (review)

If you’re looking for a TV that you can watch whilst you cook, this one is exactly what you need. It’s a small TV with a 22-inch display, so it will not need much space in your kitchen. Also, the IPS display will provide you with the best viewing angles that mean that you will be able to watch the TV from any corner of the room without compromising on picture quality.

While the LG 22LJ4540  is a small TV, it also has loud TV speakers. The sound at less than half volume is enough even in a large room. While the Hisense 40H4F (review) has the best sound system, this one also will not disappoint you. Don’t forget that the sound settings are easy to program at any time and you can regulate them according to your taste. Some people argue that this TV has a short power cable but let’s be honest: it’s not a big deal. If it is short for your kitchen, you can use an extension cord. 

Hisense 40H4F — the best TV speakers

✅ Pros:
  • Great volume (20-30 level out of 100 is enough for the average person)
  • Can be connected to a smartphone to set up or switch channels
  • Has the easiest and the most customized setup
  • Clear picture
  • A wide flat screen is good for gaming
⛔️ Cons:
  • Does not have a Bluetooth
  • Needs Roku subscription

This 2020 model will show you how a real smart TV should sound. We have told you about a good sound system in the LG 22LJ4540 (review) but that TV unlike the Hisense 40H4F doesn’t have smart functions. If you don’t have any hearing problems, then level 20 out of 100 will be loud enough for you in most cases. This TV does not have a Bluetooth feature but with such quality speakers, you will not need it because you will not want to have an additional soundbar. For other purposes, you can use your Roku account or other applications.

Also, this TV has the easiest and the most customized settings as it can be set up on the website at any time with your phone or PC. You also do not need a remote as you can use your smartphone as a remote. A wide flat screen and a crystal clear display make this TV the perfect choice for gaming or use as a PC monitor. We have ranked the TCL 50S425 (review) as the best gaming TV but this one also will not leave you indifferent, however, it does not have a 4K resolution and a 50-inch screen as in the TCL.

LG 24LM530S-PU — the widest Wi-Fi connection

✅ Pros:
  • Strong Wi-Fi signal
  • Serves good as a monitor
  • The greatest picture quality
  • Less use of electricity
  • Easy to set up but still not as easy as the Hisense 40H4F (review)
⛔️ Cons:
  • Sound needs to be higher than in the Hisense 40H4F (review) to hear the same dialogue
  • The 24-inch screen can be good for small rooms as in the LG 22LJ4540 (review) but not fit for gaming purposes
  • Fewer connections as in the TCL 32S327 (review) and the TCL 50S425 (review)   

Unlike our previous LG model, the LG 24LM530S-PU is a smart one and has all the basic features that you will need in a smart TV. This TV has a great Wi-Fi connection. It can stream videos without buffering even with a weak signal of 2 bars. It will be helpful not only with a weak signal but also if you have a lot of connections to your Wi-Fi or if the router is in another room. 

Another advantage is the less use of electricity. Along with a small size, it will be a great advantage for truck drivers or those who have limited amounts of power or space. The sound in this model is clear but it’s not as loud as in the Hisense 40H4F (review). Because of this, level 20 will not be enough and it’s expected that you will need to raise the volume. However, the setup here is easy and we are sure that you can find the best setting for you.  

TCL 50S425 — the best gaming TV

✅ Pros:
  • 4K display with deep black colors
  • Huge screen
  • Many connections
  • Works propriety with PlayStation and Xbox 
  • Has an antenna for live TV
  • Built-in Roku feature for TV streaming as in the TCL 32S327 (review)
⛔️ Cons:
  • The Wi-Fi connection is not as stable as in the LG 24LM530S-PU (review) 
  • Some apps might display a slight yellow tint

It adds to the experience to have the ability to play any game on a large screen. You can pay attention to every detail, enjoy the graphics, and win any fight. With the TCL 50S425, you will be the hero of every game as with this TV you also buy a large 50-inch screen with an awesome display and deep colors. The default brightness and backlight can also be turned up. Also, this TV has a “game mode”. All these features will be helpful for you even if you’re not an avid gamer and just want to enjoy videos of the best quality.

This TV has a lot of connections that include: 3 HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 (one with HDMI ARC), 1 USB (media player), RF, composite (an old standard that transfers a video signal), a headphone jack, Optical Audio Out (for videos with digital audio), ethernet, and Wi-Fi. However, the Wi-Fi signal is not as stable as in the LG 24LM530S-PU (review). Like the TCL 32S327 (review) this TV also has a built-in streaming Roku feature. Moreover, it also has an antenna for live TV that provides you with a large number of TV channels. In this way, you can choose what to watch and from which source. 

Don’t fear: the most common misconceptions about TVs under $300

  1. Not all TVs under $300 are smart. You can always find a smart TV that will suit your budget. As you can see in our list, the LG 22LJ4540 (review) is the only TV that does not have smart features but has the best features for your kitchen: small size and a powerful sound system.
  1. Less expensive TVs do not have HDR technology. They are equipped with HDR technology. Moreover, pay attention to the TCL 50S425 (review) which has a 4K resolution.   
  1. These TVs do not have a tuner, antenna, or an RF connector for hooking up an HDTV antenna. Not true. All TVs in our list have at least one of these connections. Moreover, both the TCL 32S327 (review) and the TCL 50S425 (review) have more than one type of connector.
  1. I buy a cheap no-name TV that will last only for a few months. Cheap doesn’t mean that it can’t be a brand TV. For example, our top-5 TVs under $300 list has LG models, which is a multinational and reputable company. All these TVs are durable and will serve you as much as any average TV.   

Get the most out of your TV: Accessories for the best experience

Are you making the most of your TV and getting the best value for your money? Let’s check. Here is a list of TV accessories that will bring new emotions and a better experience with your device.

Android TV box

Diyomate 4K Android 9.0 Smart TV Box Amlogic S905

You will need this device if your smart TV does not support Android applications. Thanks to the Android TV box, you can install Android applications and run them directly on your TV.

Streaming stick

Roku Streaming Stick+

With this small device, you can watch anything you want on any TV. Just plug it into power and connect it to your TV with the HDMI cable. It uses a super easy setup technology that allows you to enjoy movies and tv programs on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Hulu with Live TV, Apple TV, The Roku Channel, Showtime, and Google Play.

Cleaning wipes

MiracleWipes for Electronics Cleaning

The TV screen can often be neglected when cleaning. However, a clean screen is as significant for your TV as a clean face for us. No microbes, attractive view, and no dust on the screen you will get it using cleaning wipes. 

TV wall mount

Pipishell PILTK4 Tilt TV

You will need a wall mount if you want to hang your TV on the wall. Pay attention to the size and weight of the TV. For example, this one is suitable for a 37-70 inch plasma or flat TVs and holds up to 132 lbs.

USB Wi-Fi adapter

Yes, all smart TVs have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. But you may need an additional one to make your TV work faster. Some models don’t have a wide Wi-Fi connection, so with the second adapter, you will forget about buffering videos before watching.  


There are many misconceptions regarding TVs under the $300 mark. They may be considered poor quality or simply not good enough. However, it all goes down to choosing the right one. This is where our team stepped in to lend a hand in choosing the best one under $300 with our top-5 TVs under $300 list.

To choose the best TV and get the most out of it pay attention to factors that include crisp picture quality, clear speakers quality, several connections, simplicity of set-up, remote, functionality, a built-in Roku feature, screen size, smartphone connectivity, fast turn on, and antenna or tuner for live TV.

Based on these criteria, we highlighted these models:

TCL 32S327
The best streaming TV (Roku feature)
LG 22LJ4540
The best size for the kitchen
Hisense 40H4F
The best TV speakers
LG 24LM530S-PU
The widest Wi-Fi connection
TCL 50S425
The best gaming TV


🤔How to choose a TV?

Picture and speaker quality along with several connections are the most important criteria while choosing a TV. To choose the best TV also pay attention to factors that include simplicity of set-up, remote, functionality, built-in Roku feature, screen, size, smartphone connectivity, fast turn on, and antenna or tuner for live TV.

🥇What are the best TVs?

The best TVs under $300 are:

TCL 32S327 — the best streaming TV (Roku feature)
LG 22LJ4540 — the best size for the kitchen
Hisense 40H4F — the best TV speakers
LG 24LM530S-PU — the widest Wi-Fi connection
TCL 50S425 — the best gaming TV

Find detailed information about each model in our article.

🎮What are the best TVs for PS 5?

Look for:
TCL 50S425 as it has a huge 4K LED screen
LG 24LM530S-PU as it has the widest Wi-Fi connection
Hisense 40H4F as it has the greatest sound system and a big screen

You can read a more detailed description of each model in the article.

🧽Do I need to clean my TV?

Yes, you should clean your TV. Invest in cleaning wipes for the best result.

📺What should I do if my smart TV does not have a good Wi-Fi connection?

Some smart TVs have a weak built-in Wi-Fi adapter. To make your TV faster buy an additional USB Wi-Fi adapter.

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