Ultimate Guide: How to Care For Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Properly

Find the right lighting, calculate the volume of water and figure out how to properly care for the leaves of your fiddle leaf fig tree. This is no longer a problem for you.
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The interesting fact is that some of your houseplants come from West Africa. From the driest region of the planet. Moreover, the fiddle leaf fig tree is known for its huge green leaves, which stand on the windowsills of many of us, also originated in the tropics. Therefore, it is not surprising that the care of this plant has many problems.

It is clear that without special care in our latitudes, the tree, which is accustomed to the dry sun and the piercing winds of the Sahara, will not be able even to survive. However, if you follow all the instructions in this article, your fig tree will bloom and will please your eye for many years.

3 most important factors for fiddle leaf fig tree growth

Area & lighting

fiddle leaf fig tree

We think that no one will be surprised by the fact that a large amount of sunlight is very important for a tropical tree. However, this issue must be approached responsibly.

Firstly, this plant hates drafts, so place it only in places that are not in line with the door, drafty window, or near the vent.

Secondly, the decisive factor in the location of your fig tree plays its size. The larger the plant, the more light it will need. Accordingly, there are several accommodation options:

  • It is best to place the fig tree near the south window. However, keep in mind that if the sun is too much, the leaves may burn and turn brown. Therefore, we recommend slowly increasing the amount of time the plant spends in front of the south window;
  • Near the east or west window, you can place a fig tree up to 5 feet. If the plant is large, it is likely that with such an amount of sunlight, it will not be enough;
  • It is not recommended to place a fig tree near the north window. However, if you have no other option, make sure that the surrounding buildings do not cover the sun.

If you make a mistake in choosing the location, the plant in low light will drop the lower and inner leaves. In this case, immediately move the fig tree to a more favorable place.

Water & humidity

fiddle leaf fig tree growth

Fiddle leaf fig tree’ love for the sun can burn the plant from the inside, so between dry periods, in the wild, these plants are accustomed to receiving a huge amount of water. To ensure such conditions, you need to water your fig tree once a week.

As for the amount of water, it is an individual indicator and depends on the size of the plant. 

To determine the required volume, we recommend doing the following experiment:

  1. Place the plant in a pot with drainage holes;
  2. Wait for the top 2-3 inches of soil to dry;
  3. Start watering the plant until the water starts dripping from the bottom;
  4. Immediately dry the pot tray from drops to prevent root rot;
  5. Record the amount of water you used. This value is enough to water your fig tree.

We recommend watering the plant in a circular motion. These unobvious actions ensure that all the roots will be saturated with water, so your fiddle leaf fig tree will never feel thirsty.

Proper care of the leaves

leaf fig tree

When choosing a fig tree, most of us were tempted by its very beautiful and large leaves, which create a jungle atmosphere in any home. However, these leaves also cause many problems because they accumulate a lot of dust.

When dust particles accumulate in very large volumes, they prevent the plant from absorbing sunlight and carrying out photosynthesis. Because Fiddle Leaf loves light, you need to wipe each leaf thoroughly at least 1-2 times a week.

In some cases, the florists note the uneven growth of the plant. That is, on the one hand, the leaves become large and spreading, and on the other stop their growth. To avoid this, we recommend rotating your plant 1-2 times a week. This will ensure uniform illumination of each leaf and symmetrical development of the plant.

For some, taking care of such plant takes too much time and affords, that’s why we recommend paying attention to the faux fiddle leaf fig tree, which will also create a tropical atmosphere in your home but will require much less attention.

Take care of fiddle leaf fig tree in winter

leaf fig tree

There is no winter in the tropics, so the fiddle leaf fig tree certainly does not suffer from a lack of natural light and lower temperature. However, the weather in our climate is not so favorable, so in winter your plant will need much more specific care:

  • Firstly, when the amount of natural light decreases, the plant should be kept 24/7 near the window. However, at the same time, you should make sure that it does not get cold air from drafts. If you have drafts, move your Fiddle Leaf about 2-3 feet away from the window;
  • Secondly, do not forget about the vents, which are a much more powerful source of drafts than any window. Therefore, before you turn on the ventilation for the winter, move your fig tree away from it;
  • Thirdly, use a humidifier. Due to heating, the air in homes dries out, and plants from rainy tropical climates begin to suffer. Increasing the moisture will prevent this.

Also, before winter, we recommend aeration of the soil. Aeration can be done with any object, type of chopstick. To do this, carefully insert your aerator into the soil and slowly move it further so as not to damage the roots. This allows you to break the sticky soil easily and prevent the roots of the plant from drying out in winter.

5 Mistakes in fiddle leaf fig tree care that you must avoid

leaf fig tree

Caring for the fiddle leaf fig tree is quite difficult, so during our floristic practice, we were able to identify the 5 most common mistakes made by each new owner of this plant:

  • Frequent transplants fiddle leaf fig tree from pot to pot. For such a plant, each transplant is a big challenge, so we recommend leaving the fig tree in the pot in which you bought it. If you are not aesthetically pleased with the appearance of this capacity, you can put the pot in a decorative container, which will give the plant a more refined look;
  • Excessive fertilization of the fiddle leaf fig tree due to a slight browning of the leaves. 1-2 months after buying a fiddle leaf fig tree, many people notice browning on the leaves. After that, most non-professional florists immediately begin to fertilize the plant with large doses of unnecessary nutrients that only harm the plant. This is due to the fact that the process of clouding the leaves is associated with the period of adaptation of the plant to the new environment, and not some disease;
  • Permutation of fiddle leaf fig tree frequently. Change the location of the fig tree in your home as rarely as possible. This plant will thrive very well in a place where it has felt a source of sufficient light. If you start moving fig tree regularly to different places, it will start to feel stress and eventually fade;
  • Watering fiddle leaf fig tree with water of the wrong temperature. Many people have two misconceptions about the temperature of water for irrigation. Half of the people think that it is necessary to use hot water and half that cold. Remember, once and for all: all tropical plants need to be watered with room temperature water. Everything else is a sure way to destroy your plant;
  • Using coconut oil for clearing leaves. Never listen to amateurs who recommend using coconut oil to wipe the leaves of your plant. This substance can completely limit the possibility of photosynthesis, without which the plant withers very quickly. Wipe with plain water.

In general, as you can see, the mistakes are very simple, but unfortunately, they make almost every owner of a fiddle leaf fig tree. However, if you learn the right method of caring for this plant, you will never do them, and your plant will always delight you with its appearance.


The fiddle leaf fig tree is a plant that is definitely not for everyone. Calculating the amount of sunlight, the required volume of water, controlling the absence of drafts, and regular cleaning of the leaves will be boring for many in a few weeks. 

Therefore, if you feel that you can not cope with the necessary care, it is better to immediately return the plant to the store, rather than wait until it fades. If you feel the strength and desire to take care of this definitely interesting plant, then using the instructions described, your fiddle fig tree will create a real jungle atmosphere in your home.


🚰 How often do I need to water the fiddle fig tree?

Fiddle fig tree should be watered no more than once a week. However, do not forget that depending on the size, this plant needs a specific amount of water.

🌨️ How to care for a fiddle fig tree in winter?

In winter, you need to protect your fiddle fig tree from drafts, moisturize the air and monitor the amount of natural light.

🥥 Can I wipe the leaves of a fiddle fig tree with coconut oil?

You shouldn’t under any circumstances wipe fig leaves with coconut oil, as it limits photosynthesis. Because of this, the plant may wither. Wipe the leaves only with clear water.

🍂 Why after purchase leaves of my fiddle fig tree are brown?

If you just bought a fiddle fig tree and its leaves began to turn brown, then most likely your plant is just going through a period of adaptation to the new environment. It will pass in a few weeks.

🌇 How much sun does a fiddle fig tree need?

The fiddle fig tree is a very sun-loving plant. The specific amount of sun needed for a fiddle fig tree depends on the size of the plant. The bigger the plant and the bigger the leaves, the more sun it needs.

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